If you're curious about changing your life and thriving, ENTER THE PORTAL HERE. This 60 min masterclass will introduce you to the Anti-Affiliate Model.

This masterclass will open up the possibilities…

The Anti-Affiliate Model, a mentorship program that will support you in your endeavor with affiliate marketing without having to sell your soul. We know nobody wants to promote cringy, get-rich-quick schemes. 

How to build your own effective brand with substance that you feel passionate about. So you can create content that aligns with what matters to you and makes you feel connected. 

Empower yourself with mindset work to reprogram your limiting beliefs about what’s possible so you can build your dream life.



Hey I'm Alexa!
I’m a mommie millennial and lover of adventure. Having my baby sparked a desire to pursue everything life has to offer. From not missing out on precious baby milestones to random trips to visit grandma (or Hawaii). I knew the traditional way of earning was not gonna cut it. After years and tears for fears, I’ve finally found a way to have location, time, and financial freedom.